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Next Generation Creative Institute


What is the next Generation Creative Institute? The NGCI is a gathering in the home of worship leader, song receiver, author, and freedom fighter Dennis Jernigan and his amazing wife, Melinda. Whether you are a worship leader, songwriter, author, or someone who simply needs intense rest or emotional healing, the NGCI may be just what the Doctor (Great Physician) ordered!


Each gathering is quite unique…a group of people from all over the US whom the Lord brings together, the NGCI began as a desire on the part of the Jernigans to invest in the lives of others from the blessings the Lord has given them. Dennis and Melinda believe that when people are given the freedom to get honest in a safe environment – whether the confession of sin, hurts, or simply have questions as to how to lead worship or write a song or minister to another – people will find hope and healing and a greater understanding of their identity in Christ.


NGCI is, simply put, a place to find answers. Whether you are songwriter or worship leader, whether you are a pastor or a layman, whether you struggle with debilitating sin or have experienced freedom, Dennis and Melinda find that when people are given a safe place to seek God in honesty that freedom is the result…and when people are led to freedom, they will worship.


The Jernigans simply provide an honest atmosphere – in their living room - where love is the rule and Jesus reigns…where identity in Christ is expressed and experienced…and worship is intense and personal. Doesn’t that sound good?


Here’s what people are saying about the NGCI:


“This was such a unique and amazing opportunity to sit and soak up what the Father has taught Dennis and Melinda. They so freely poured into our lives things that God has poured into them. No conference can offer what the Next Generation Creative Institute can - an opportunity to be influenced by some of the greatest worshippers of our time in their own home. As a worship leader, you do not want to let this opportunity pass. If you go, you will leave a better worshipper, and therefore, a better leader.”

JT, Lebanon, MO


"For me it was like walking into Psalm 42, with deep calling to deep and the waves of God's presence just roaring and crashing over us.  Simply a wonderful time of worship and rest, of friendship and laughter, of healing and hope and deep ministry for everyone who was there!"

Eric Reiss, Worship Leader, Northern Virginia


“NGCI was a unique, genuine, spirit-filled, divine appointment and a highlight on my creative journey. How edifying to be with brothers and sisters of like precious faith not bound by denominational labels. We were more than two or three and boy did He show up. Can’t wait for next year!”
Christina Howell, Midland, TX


“I couldn't help but smile as I drove to your house, realizing that you were going to lead us in a personal time of worship, right there in your living room. Then God blew me away during worship with His goodness (I've never used so many Kleenex in my life!). I drove away refreshed and ready to go back into ministry again.”

Eric Elder, Illinois


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