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New Fantasy Book Available!

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August 25, 2011

New Fantasy Book Available!

God used fantasy to keep me alive in many ways as I was growing up. Due to my fear and my shame, I retreated into an inward world in many ways as a boy. One of the gifts the Lord granted me at that time was the ability to dream of rescue each and every night. The dreams were always the same. My dream-life was lived out on the starship Enterprise and my dad was Captain James T. Kirk. Each night I was captured by aliens – which was a reflection of how I felt in my real life – yet each night I was rescued! At the end of every dream, my dad swooped in and saved the day…saved me! And my mom – Doris Day – sang Que Sera at the end of each rescue! These ‘silly’ dreams somehow gave me renewed hope every day. As I have pondered how God used those fantasies to preserve my mental and emotional sanity and, indeed, be a part of how He led me to freedom, I felt impressed to write a series of stories for boys (and boys at heart!) with that same goal in mind.

The series is called The Chronicles of Bren and this first book is called Captured. It is now available exclusively as an eBook for only $2.99! We are working on the possibilities of a print version. You can help speed that process. How? If the book sells 300 copies or more for three months in a row, it will automatically go into print. I would love to be able to offer the physical book at my events for the sheer ministry I believe it contains. Would you consider purchasing books and gifting them to young men (and grown men who would benefit from the hope found in this story) and, thereby, help me get it into print?

The story was not written for the church, but rather for those who need hope and need to know how to discover their true identity and destiny. It is the story of a boy who was shamed in one reality but discovers he is really the son of a king. Full of new characters and chock full of adventure, the story takes many twists and turns. It was very cathartic for me to write, allowing me to relive my own childhood adventures from a whole new perspective.

The Chronicles of Bren: Captured is the beginning story in the saga of one boy’s journey to manhood. Young teen, Lee Jennings, bullied constantly by local boys, suddenly finds himself transported into a world of fantasy and adventure…and plunged into a whole new identity as the son of a king! How he traverses this new world and endures captivity at the hands of the realm’s resident evil lord is also the journey of self-discovery that will one day serve Lee in his adult life. Full of fantastic beings and magical creatures from this new dimension and wrought with many twists and turns, Captured is just the beginning for Lee Jennings…and is designed to be an adventurously entertaining ride for readers of all ages.

This book will be a great resource for home school families as well. In this day and age when media bombards our young people with messages that constantly attack their identity, this book is meant to be a wholesome adventure – and every boy craves adventure. Consider introducing Captured to your home school group or organization.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I truly want to lead as many young people to discover their true identity and calling as possible. You can be a part of that process by helping get this book out there with me.




What others are saying…

“We have been reading the book out loud to each other and have really enjoyed the plot twists.  We really feel like this would make a great movie and reads almost like a script for one.”

J. & K.

“The story of Prince Leonolis captured me from the very beginning. From the humble beginnings of Lee, to the capitulation of Lucian’s plans for him, I found myself flying through the pages as if saddled to Leonolis’s fine black steed, Arolis.

Dennis has given quite the adventures of a young man destined for more than royalty. It is not just the story of a boy coming of age, but conceals timeless truths about love, revenge, regret and redemption within a magical world filled with vivid characters that inhabit an enchanted, wild landscape.

I started reading to be entertained and came away captivated, strengthened for my own journey ahead. I look forward to the next book in the series!”



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