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November 2011 Newsletter

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November 3, 2011


Thirty Years Ago

• No WFTLR This Monday, November 7

DJ Goes to Florida


Thirty Years Ago

On November 7, 1981, the Lord set me free and set me on a journey that, in many ways, is only just beginning. People initially told me freedom was not possible. Some told me I would fall back into that old life. But my reality proves otherwise. I feel more free than I ever dreamed possible. My identity becomes more and more clear to me with each passing year. No one gets to define me but my Father. My past does not define me. Temptations do not define me. Circumstances do not define me. I am who my Father says I am. I am not a recovering anything. I am a new creation. Everything I am and will be issues forth from that truth and that is my ultimate reality. Even as healthy as I have become in my identity, not a day goes by without me becoming even more intensely aware of how much I need Jesus. But my walk with Him is one of joy and abundant life born out of a living, breathing relationship. 

God has used so many people to get me to where I am - even those who turned their back on me have been ultimately used of God to draw me closer to His heart.

I say ‘Thank you’ to all those who have fought with me through the years for my freedom. I did not do this alone. I am grateful for 2nd Chapter of Acts and Annie Herring. I am grateful to my wife for believing in me every step of the way. I thank God for my parents who have walked with me through this entire journey. I thank God for my children who have been catalysts to a deeper understanding of just how deep my Father’s love for me truly is. I am grateful for men like Jack Taylor who have helped me come to a deeper understanding of who I am in Christ. I am grateful for old friends who have walked with me every step of the way when others turned their backs – faithful friends like Reggie May, Steve Griffin, Danny Dunlap, and Tom Hopkins. I thank God for new friends like Matt and Jenn Taylor, Chuck Myers, and Stan Tyra.

I thank God for others He continues to use in my life, like Joe and Barbara Nunn, Bill and Carole Young (Carole is with Jesus now yet her encouragement will never be forgotten), Kathy Law, Troy Ambler, Don Burns, Dean and Jeanie Briggs, Don and Jane Wikoff, Wayne Fagala, Kevin Jones, Brad Henderson, Robin Smith, and Ray Jones.

Then there are heroes of my faith that inspire me to keep on fighting even if the church loses its saltiness and seeks to dim the light, people like Joe Dallas, Alan Chambers, Andy Comiskey, and my dear friend, Jimmy Jones. Thank you, Lord.

I am so grateful for my staff as well, without whom I could do nothing! Thank you for all these faithful years, Trish. Thank you, mom and dad, for going the extra mile. Thank you, Glory, for helping even when you no longer work for me. Thank you, Kristopher, for jumping into the deep end without any fear or trepidation. Thank you, Melinda, for laying down your life for me.

I will ever be grateful to the millions of people through the years who have supported me by purchasing or singing my music or by attending one of my ministry times. So many will never hear my name but will sing the songs long after I am gone. For this I am so grateful. Knowing unknown and countless people are behind me has been used of God to pour out His grace on me on more than one occasion. Thank you.

I know I have overlooked many that belong on this list, but my point in making it is to show how no one gains freedom or success on their own. God has used many to get me to where I am…and I feel I am only now just getting started!

Spend some time, after you read this, thinking about those you need to thank for being a part of the freedom and success you now enjoy - and then tell them how grateful you are. It’ll do your heart – and theirs – much good.




Dennis Jernigan

New Creation

Husband and Father

Freedom Fighter


No WFTLR This Monday, November 7

Because Melinda and I will be on our way to Florida for several ministry engagements, we will not be able to host a Worship From the Living Room event. We will let you know when the next one is scheduled.


DJ Goes to Florida

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