June 18, 2012 Newsletter


Dennis Jernigan Newsletter – June 18, 2012


• My Heart is Grieved


On my recent trip to Jamaica I never intended to imply I agreed with the laws there

that criminalize homosexual behavior. I wholeheartedly agree with Exodus’ position

on the criminalization of sexual behavior between consulting adults. It is as follows:


We will not support any legislation that deprives others of life and dignity based on

their sexual orientation or the expression of such within the confines of a consensual

adult relationship. Finally, we stand with the LGBT community both in spirit, and

when necessary, legally and physically, when violence rears it’s head in Uganda,

Jamaica or anywhere else in the world.


At the meeting in question with Rev. Peter Garth, vice president of the Jamaica

Association of Evangelicals, and Alexis Robinson and Dr. Wayne West of Jamaica’s

Coalition for a Healthy Society – and as reported in the Jamaican press – I was asked

what I thought of President Obama’s recent statement’s about same-sex marriage.

As I said, I love my President, but I do not agree with his position on this matter. My

personal belief is that same-sex marriage may likely undermine the very foundation

of society, the traditional family unit. I also believe the Bible is clear that homosexual

behavior, along with other types of sexual expression, falls short of God’s standards

on human sexuality.


I believe my heart and intent failed to convey and therefore, may have hurt gay

and lesbian people and harmed Exodus’ mission of ministering to those with same-

sex attraction. To that end, as of this moment, I step down from my role as Vice

Chairman of the Exodus International Board of Directors with the hope that this will

alleviate and prevent any undue hardship on that organization.

Thank you,

Dennis Jernigan

About the Exodus Freedom Conference

My heart grieves whenever I believe I have hurt anyone…and if you know me you know that is never my heart. I choose to love even those who would do harm to me. That is what Jesus did…and so do I. As stated in the previous article/statement, I have stepped down from my role on the Board of Directors for Exodus International so as to prevent any further hardship on them. In like manner, I have decided to take away any further distraction by stepping down from my role in next week’s Freedom Conference. The reason I share this is because many of you gave to make that trip possible. To those who gave I will be sending you a personal note in the coming days.


Please pray for my family and me. I am hurting – and my pain affects my family. I will be taking a break for a while to spend time with family and to try and figure out the direction God would take my life.


Don’t worry, I will continue to minister my story. That is one thing I cannot change and the world cannot argue with. I just need to step away from the fray for a while. Please keep in touch and pray. Within the next couple of days I will be posting a new song the Lord has already birthed out of this process. As always, I am trying to walk in grace and to view even this very trying time from the King’s point of view. Know this: I will not stop sharing my story because sharing helps me overcome the enemy…and leads others to the possibility of freedom in their own lives. As long as I have breath that will be my reality in some shape, form, or fashion.


I love you and I need your support.