November 7, 2012 Newsletter


• New Fantasy Book by Dennis Jernigan PLUS 14 Songs for the Journey!

• New Ministry CD – Songs of Ministry 2

• New Worship Video – You Are God and I Am Not – FREE MP3 of the Month!

• Worship With DJ In Shawnee, OK This Weekend

• Next Generation Creative Institute – January 18-20, 2013

New Fantasy Book by Dennis Jernigan PLUS 14 Songs for the Journey!

            In case you didn’t know, Dennis Jernigan has begun a fantasy
book series called The Chronicles of Bren.
The first book in the series, The Chronicles of Bren: Captured,
is the beginning story in the saga of one boy’s journey to manhood.
Young teen, Lee Jennings, bullied constantly by local boys,
suddenly finds himself transported into a world of fantasy
and adventure…and plunged into a whole new identity as
the son of a king! How he traverses this new world and
endures captivity at the hands of the realm’s resident
evil lord is also the journey of self-discovery that will one day
serve Lee in his adult life. Full of fantastic beings and
magical creatures from this new dimension and
wrought with many twists and turns,
Captured is just the beginning for Lee Jennings
and is designed to be an adventurously entertaining
ride for readers of all ages.

            Jernigan’s second book in the series is now available!
Called The Chronicles of Bren: Sacrifice, the story of
Lee Jennings continues. Still embattled yet more confident
in his emerging manhood, Lee once again finds himself
transported into the realm of Bren, only this time he finds
himself as reigning king of the realm!
Sacrifice is Lee’s journey into discovering how he
became king. As the story unfolds, his father,
High King Troyolin, is on his death bed whispering
these words into his son’s ear.

“Son, I go now from your side…but I will always
be with you. Take the memories we made
together and cherish them like precious treasure.
And if you remember nothing else…if I could
tell you only one thing, I would say…”

It is not until the end of this grand adventure that we
discover and understand what those final words
were and what they mean. This story reveals the
keys to the
kingdom of Brenbut also lays the
groundwork of the continuing legacy of Lee Jennings
and the future kings and queens of the realm and their
coming adventures.

            Dennis Jernigan grew up imagining rescue
from his own captors and God used music to enhance
the journey and bring hope. We find it no big surprise
that DJ would write music for the journey through the
land of Bren! Called Songs for the Journey,
this 14 song collection was created as a tool to
enhance the reader’s enjoyment and to give greater depth to the adventure.

CD is included with every copy of the book Captured  or Sacrifice
through the end of December 2012!

Although the songs depict the journey of Captured
never fear,
Jernigan is working on songs for Sacrifice as well!

You may purchase the book and music as mp3 downloads here.

The Chronicles of Bren: Captured                      $14.99 plus free CD! ($29 value!)

The Chronicles of Bren: Sacrifice                                  $14.99 plus free CD! ($29 value!)

Captured: Songs for the Journey                        $  7 ($14 value)

Purchase both books plus the CD                  $25 ($44 value) – savings of $19!!!
(Call 800-877-0406 to order)

Prices do not include shipping.

New Ministry CD – Songs of Ministry 2

Through the years, Dennis Jernigan has taken God at His Word
– that He would surround him with songs of deliverance.
Many years ago, DJ released the very popular collection Songs of Ministry,
a recording of songs born out of his own life involving circumstances
in which Jernigan cried out to God for songs of deliverance.
Recently, DJ was prompted to put together another volume of songs
intended to minister to hurting souls and to bring deliverance
to others in the same way God used them to bring deliverance to his own life.
Songs of Ministry 2 contains 13 songs from Father’s heart to you.
Get the CD for $10.00 for a limited time!


1 Send Your Healing 

2 When You Lose Someone 

3 I Waste Nothing 

4 Be My Child  

5 Just Let Go 

6 I Will Remember You 

7 Come Away 

8 Passionate Obsession 

9 Precious 

10 Come to Me 

11 It’s Time to Move On 

12 Love Deep 

13 Rise Up

New Worship Video – You Are God and I Am Not – FREE MP3 of the Month!

Worship along with the latest worship video from Dennis Jernigan.
Read the song history and get your FREE mp3 of the song
or worship along with the video at

Worship With DJ In Shawnee, OK This Weekend

6:00 PM– Saturday Evening - November 10, 2012

Night of Praise

New BeginningsChurch

1203 East 42nd Street

Shawnee, OK

10:00 AM– Sunday Morning – November 11, 2012

Worship and Ministry


518 East 7th Street

Shawnee, OK

For more info on both events, go to

Next Generation Creative Institute 
January 18-20, 2013

I cannot begin to express to you the life-changing nature of these weekends in my home.
We have seen so many lives changed forever – encouraged, strengthened, empowered, healed, delivered –
that with the conclusion of each NGCI weekend,
I want to turn around and do it all over again!
I recently told someone that I could be happy for the rest of my life
just holding NGCI in my home each and every weekend!
Our next one is in January.
Make plans now to be there – or to send someone who needs to be.
Get more info and register here.