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December 12, 2012 Newsletter

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Telling My Story and Sticking to It - Psalms 107:1-2

People often ‘encourage’ me to stop telling my story…that it’s old news and not a great marketing point for my music.
The problem with that is that the Lord keeps telling me my story is more relevant than ever. Who should I listen to?
Who would you listen to? What keeps me going in spite of the negative – from both the world and
Christians - is hearing others tell me they are walking in freedom because I dared to share.
Rather than belabor the point, let me tell you about some of my encounters from just this past week.

After a worship gathering last Wednesday in which I shared my entire story,
I was approached by so many with amazing stories of what God did in their
lives…stories that made me realize I can NEVER stop sharing what God has done for me.

A twelve-year-old boy came up to me, tears in his eyes. “I didn’t know freedom was possible?
I thought there was no hope for me. Thank you for telling me how to be free.”
He did not have to tell me what his particular struggle. I saw myself at his age and just knew.

A few moments later, a thirty-something young man approached me, sobbing, with these words.
“I had never heard of you…just thought I was coming to another concert.
I have struggled my entire life and no one ever told me freedom was possible.
I’m free tonight because of what you shared. Thank you.”

Just this morning I received an email telling me, “I came to your concert expecting a
time of worship and singing but was confronted with my own need to get honest.
I had things happen to me when I was a boy – same-sex things – and have struggled with pornography.
I thought keeping it hidden was the best thing…but after hearing your story,
I realize I’ve only been doing more damage to myself. The night you shared, the walls of my
sin began to crumble and continue to do so. Thank you for helping me heal.”

At another ‘concert’, I met a couple who told me this story. He said, “In the late 1990s you came to
our city and shared your story. I was in rehab and me and the guys with me could not afford a
CD…so you sent someone to your table and got one for each of us. I was saved as a result of your ministry.”
She went on. “I was an atheist and had multiple abortions. I came to one of your nights of praise
and it scared me to death…but I came back several times and was born again and am walking in
healing as a result of your ministry. God brought my husband and I together.
We now have three children and share our stories of freedom daily.”

I hear stories like this hundreds of times throughout the year. People come to my ‘concerts’ expecting
a music show but walk away having been met with the love of God in a way they had not expected.
I will continue to share but would like to humbly ask you to help me continue. Following are my most
immediate needs for the coming year:

I need to record a new album of music. The music continues to open doors for me to share my heart.
The sale of that music actually helps me keep doing what I am called to do. I am an independent artist.
The industry considers me a dinosaur…but people keep coming to my ‘concerts’. Go figure.
My personal belief is that the 31 years of freedom I have walked in may just count for something
in the Kingdom! Would you consider giving toward helping me produce a new recording?

Just this week, my laptop bit the dust…the laptop on which I do 90% of my writing and ministry.
I had to replace it – taking from the meager recording fund I had already begun.
I truly trust God to provide and I continue to work hard for the Kingdom…but would humbly ask you to help me
keep sharing my story. Your financial gifts really do go toward this ministry. I encourage you to read those brief
testimonies above one more time and then remember this is but a drop in the ocean of all those we hear
from who have been brought into the Kingdom or set free by God through this ministry.

Thank you for being a Kingdom Seeker with me.

In His Love & Grace,

Dennis Jernigan