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Do you believe in the message of freedom Dennis Jernigan has been called to deliver? Do you believe in the message behind the music? Would you consider helping become a distribution point for that message and music?

Since Dennis is considered an independent artist, he has only limited distribution since he has no advertisement budget to speak of…but the message of freedom and hope needs to be out there.


Dennis Jernigan has found freedom from homosexual sin through an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ…but the message of freedom transcends homosexuality. Jernigan reasons that if he can simply get the message of freedom out through his unique testimony then many others – regardless of what their particular bondage might be – will hear and believe and receive hope through faith in Jesus Christ. Not many are willing to share like Dennis…but he simply needs others to walk with him in this endeavor to get the word out.


The new live recording “Here In Your Presence – Dennis Jernigan Live from San Antonio is one of Jernigan’s strongest recordings to date. Powerful songs coupled with a live evening of ministry at Community Bible Church in San Antonio, Dennis believes the ministry and music captured on this project will continue to minister long after he is gone.


Would you consider helping distribute this ministry project?


Individuals: sell them to your family and friends


Churches and Ministries: sell them as a fundraiser for your own group

How can you help? We’ll make it easy for you.

Our pre-order CD price for “Here In Your Presence – Dennis Jernigan Live from San Antonio is $12.00:   You buy the CDs in quantities of 10 or more at $7.20 per CD. That’s 40% off of retail. You turn around and sell them for $12.00 (or whatever price you choose!). We get the project out there doing the work of ministry and you provide for your own group or ministry in the process.


Go to to download free promo materials. These promotional materials will be available for download on Friday, October 15th:

• Posters

• Ready-to-post-and-email promo letter

• Short Promo Video

• Radio Spots/30 second/60 second