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November 2010 Newsletter

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Worship and Ministry With DJ TONIGHT!!!

Tonight, live from his studio, DJ will be ministering…9 PM CST!
Go to to take part.
Share this link with your friends.
This is a great opportunity to receive personal ministry from DJ in the intimacy of your own home…and also a great opportunity to minister to others you know who might benefit from such a ministry.

NGCI Coming in November

Join Dennis Jernigan in His Home for 3 days!
It doesn’t get much more personal than that!
Next Generation Creative Institute
November 12-14, 2010
Muskogee, OK
Only a few spaces left. Sign up NOW! We are limiting the event to 20 people.
Go to Next Generation Creative Institute for more information.

Holy Is The Lord Most High
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Christmas Gift Ideas/Collector’s Items

Framed, Signed Copy of “Here in Your Presence”
Here In Your Presence Autographed Collectible

Framed, Signed Enlargement of “Here in Your Presence” Cover Art
Here In Your Presence Cover Art Autographed Collectible

Framed, Signed Copy of Original Song Manuscript – “Thank You, Lord”
Original Manuscript Autographed Thank You, Lord

Daily Devotions for Kingdom Seekers – Vol. II
Volume II of Dennis Jernigan’s devotional series “Daily Devotions for Kingdom Seekers” will be available as an eBook only beginning December 1, 2010. This makes a perfect gift for those who enjoy reading a quick devotional thought to begin or end each day. Designed to be used in conjunction with Jernigan’s music, these short readings are inspired by the Word of God as applied to the life, music, and thought processes DJ goes through as an overcomer. Meant to inspire the heart of a warrior, giant killer, overcomer, follower, and intimate friend of Jesus Christ, these devotions make a wonderful gift to those you hope to encourage in their daily walks as they renew their minds in Christ. The book will also be available in the Kindle domain.
Price $14 per download

Forty Days & Forty Nights – Vol. I-IV
Forty Days and Forty Nights CD Collection
Price $40 plus shipping for entire 4 CD set

Forty Days and Forty Nights V1 mp3 Collection
Forty Days and Forty Nights V2 mp3 Collection
Forty Days and Forty Nights V3 mp3 Collection
Forty Days and Forty Nights V4 mp3 Collection
Price $10 per volume download at web site

MP Designs Jewelry
Handbeaded jewelry designs by my wife, Melinda.
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Perfect gifts for Christmas.


“…You are Light in the darkness…”


As a boy, many nights were spent on our farm playing games in the dark. One of our favorite games was one we called ‘Spotlight’. Basically, the game entailed playing ‘Hide and Seek’. One person was ‘it’ and everyone else ran and hid in the darkness. We learned to conceal ourselves in obvious places and discovered the great advantage of wearing dark colored clothing. As ‘it’ walked around looking for us in the pitch-black night those of us in hiding could easily keep track of their location because the flashlight they used to ‘Spotlight’ us (which meant we were captured if the light fell on us). Our goal was to move stealthily from hiding place to hiding place and make our way back to ‘base’ and safety. Two things stand out for me in a spiritual sense now that I look back. In my sin I used to go around hiding from the light because I did not want to face the rejection and shame of having my sin exposed by the Light of Christ. In addition, I vividly remember how comforting having that light with me in the darkness was when I was ‘it’. What I now know is that to be exposed to the Light of His holiness is a GOOD thing – because exposure to that Light brings health and healing to my soul. Spiritual reality is this: knowing Christ means that His light goes with me through ANY and ALL darkness I must face in this life.


Allow the Holy Spirit to shine His light into any dark place in your soul today. Rest in the assurance that no matter how dark the valley you may be walking today that Jesus is WITH you and He will light your path.


Your word is a lamp to my feet  And a light to my path.                
Psalm 119:105 NASB

This devotion was taken from the Daily Devotions for DJinsiders and is a part of the soon-to-be-released book Daily Devotions For Kingdom Seekers – Vol. II.

Listen to Keeper and Sustainer of My Life from the recording Worshipper’s Collection V1 (I Belong to Jesus – Vol. 2).