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Drug Rehab

Hey Dennis, I just wanted to give you the update.

After our correspondence I went through a pretty rough patch. I got to the point of checking myself into a psych ward for a week. The whole time, I had your CD, 'I Will Be There', on repeat. The songs "I Will Hold You", "Passionate Obsession", "Watching Over You", "Sit With You Awhile", and "I Wanted You" have been a lifeline for me. Music has a way of speaking to your heart in a way nothing else can, and I'm so grateful for the words of these songs. (I've just about worn the CD out already) I hooked up with a Christian Counselor, am in an Intensive Outpatient Drug Rehab Program, and have been drug and alcohol free since 9/20 -that's a God Thing!

My relationship with God is growing more intimate as a result of all of this. I had a belief & commitment in Him before, but I'm learning what it means to have Him as my Father. I've shared your music with several other women in my Drug Rehab Program and it has touched them as well. So I just wanted to let you know that your music has continued to make a difference.

Be Blessed,

S from Ohio


R in Canada,

Listen to the song COME TO ME. I will post it shortly here. You can also see it on my YouTube site. Look for SINGOVERME at YouTube if you cannot find it here on Facebook. I just received it today. I think it is for you, sister!





Wow!!Do you actually think that song was for me? I started to cry when I heard it. Before I heard the song I was making plans to kill myself. I am so scared of living. I don't want to suffer anymore. I am in so much pain. You sang, "I will set you free, discover intimacy with me." I want that desperately and I have my pastor and friends pray that for me.This was about 2 weeks ago. For some reason this is not happening. I feel God is so distant from me and no matter what I do, I cannot get close to God. I am on so much medication and I have had over 30 electrical shock treatments. My brain is wrecked. I cannot read and understand the bible.. I am in so much despair and I feel so hopeless. I cannot live like this!!!

R in Canada


I pray that YOUR emotional needs are overwhelmingly filled.

I can not even think of how to express my need for what God does thru you. Around 1991 I was living in Edmond. I ended up at one of your praise concerts. I remember the song "Thank You". I received the Holy Spirit and to this day when I hear your music - well my heart just explodes with love. You are such a powerful tool. Thank you for being so useable to the Father.

I hope that YOU are ok. I hope You are not hurting in anyway. I am burdened with people that are in any kind of pain - especially those who give like you do. The givers in life have great need as they are always trying to fill others. I pray that the Lord fills you 10x full of everything YOU need. I pray that deep inside with all the giving that you do - that you are not sad, depressed, hurting in anyway. I pray against any demons that try to make you stumble in your joy and service to God. I haven't heard your music in probably 10 years untill tonight. I am ina giving line of work and my heart is - well hurting for some cheerleading. Everyone in my life look to me as an encourager and you know what it is like when you are the one that needs some peptalks and nurturing. God is allowing me to experience this so strongly so HE can shine and be the ONLY one that I should need to lift me in this world.

Great is your faithfullness and Come to me spoke to my heart tonight. I haven't spiritually wept like that in years. I am overwhelmed with the power God has over your music.I feel so unworthy yet so secure in His love.

P.S. Sorry for the lengthy message. Just had to say something after weeping so strongly over your music. I am going to search to see if your are still doing concerts in OK. Blessings to you and your family Dennis. Thank you.


V in OK

New Christian

Dennis .... Powerful, moving, touched, excited, blessed .... these are all ways of how I felt tonight watching your praise and worship! I pray that these feeling will continue! I am a newly saved Christian and my husband and I were both baptized on the First Sunday of the New Year 2008. My husband and I keep becoming stronger together although we have very rough days. You had me crying tonight, as I am sure most did .... but to feel the hand of a brother and sister in Christ that I had never met before praying for me .... that is what was AMAZING!

I just continue to pray and asked the Lord to keep blessing us with health, family, jobs and hopful have money become and easier situation as well.

I pray for things ever day, hoping one day my prayer will be answerd.

Thanks again for all you did tonight and will continue to do... I so much wanted both CD's tonight, but I did not have the money ... maybe another time.

God Bless,



My Grandmother sent me one of your cd's for my birthday (I'm not sure which one it is). I was driving to work the next day, listening to songs I hadn't heard in many years, and enjoying it very much. I got to the third song before I burst into tears...

"How I love you, child I love you! How I love you, child I love you! How I love you..."

I can hear the Lord saying those words to me...but I can also hear my mother, and that was the reason for my tears. I don't know if she tries to talk to me from up there. I don't know if she can hear me...sometimes I pray things to God and tell Him to give her messages for me. Sometimes I cry out directly to her. I just wanted to let you know that your song had great influence on me. I don't like to cry, but I love crying for my mom. It brings me closer to God, and it comforts me to know that she is still relevant to my life. Thank you for letting God use your talents to bring me closer to Him.




My name is C. I attended the concert last night. It was brought to my attention by a dear friend. I am a Catholic, but enjoy from time to time coming with her to different events. I have to tell you what you did for me. I have a hard time crying. I do not know why. I lost my Mom 12 years ago and my Dad 2. The past few weeks I have had dreams almost every

night about them. I almost feel like they abandoned me. Even though I am a 47 year old married woman with 4 boys. I still feel like I missed out on some parenting. I was able to cry and let loose some of those tied up emotions. I just want to THANK YOU! And tell you how touched I am about your story and what a gift you have been given to share with all of us wounded souls. May God Bless you on your continued journey!



"I really enjoy the concert for us. It touched me deeply. You have a very powerful testimony, and you are very anointed in the area of praise. Thank you for using your gifts to help others! Your message was what I so needed to hear. GOD has awesome timing. Blessings to your ministry."


I was at the chapel at Cal Baptist, which usually arent very good but we have to go. But your chapel really touched me and alot of other people in the room. When you talked about getting the call that your daughter was in an accident and said how it was the worst phone call you ever received, I started crying. My mom passed away this summer and I was living up north near my boyfriend, and I got the worst call of my life, my dad called and said, "Mom's gone, she is in heaven now". I am a quiet person and keep my emotions inside, and when you said to stand if we have recently lost a loved one, I did and many of my friends didn't even know why I stood. It was finally an invitation for me to share what was going on. I thank you so much for starting to break that barrier, I know it is a long process of healing, but I know its going to be alright. I thank you very much and thank God because he put you and I in that room together on that day for a reason.