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More photos of DJ with friends and family.

Garden Tomb

Family Life Cruise 2008

Negev Desert 2006

Anne Graham Lotz

Armed Forces Radio

Azalea Festival Chili Cook

Chris Tomlin

Christmas Concert

Bill Self

Joe Stowell

Family Life Cruise 2008

Family Life Today Cruise 2008

Steve McPherson

Tom Matrone

US Cemetary in France


Chris and Les Steckel


Dad and His Girls

Dancing with Glory


Darrell Evans and Nate

Dennis and Melinda

Dennis Swannberg

Dick and Mel Tunney

Glory and Shaun Wedding

Fernando Ortega

Galen and Dad

General and Mrs Tommy Franks

Glory and Shaun Wedding

Glory and Shaun Wedding

Grant Teaff

Hannah with Reuben Morgan

Israel Wedding

Israel with Paul Baloche

Jack Taylor, Asa, and Ezra

Jernigan Family

Jernigan Family

Dead Sea

Jerry Moore

Judah with Bill Self

Judah with Chris Paul

Kirk Whalum

Kyle Rote

Louis Drapp and Mark Stocker

Sydney, Australia

Ollie North

Wedding Day


FCA 2008

Raina and Dad

Robert Stearns

Ron Brown


Steve Fitzhugh

Tanya Crevier

Three generations

Tom and Dene Hopkins