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MP3: Watching Over You

Song History:

March 23, 1995

Psalm 91; Psalm 121; Hebrews 13:5-6

This song came spontaneously during a ministry time at a retreat center near Orlando, Florida. While ministering with Don Crossland at a ministry conference for those desiring to step out of and overcome the sin of homosexuality, brother Don taught on destiny and anointing in such a way that God brought me personally to a greater level of healing in my own heart than I even realized I had needed! God had chosen me and even anointed me for ministry at an early age...yet the enemy had perverted my giftings and perceptions of myself to the point that I had allowed my God-given strengths to be overshadowed by the enemy-inspired  weaknesses of my flesh. As Don spoke, God inspired me with the truth of this song. I sang it there on the spot that day in almost this exact form. God desires to take our greatest weaknesses and use them for His glory by showing us His strength. He can even take our failures and redeem them to the point that they become vessels of His glory as they testify to His redeeming love and power. Jesus Himself said we would do greater things than He did. How? By walking in the truth which we were created to walk in. For the brothers and sisters of Eleutheros and Exodus, International...

In your darkness I have been there, watching over you,
And by My spirit, there is nothing, child, you cannot do.
You can move a mountain.
You can calm the sea.
You can even piece the darkness by giving up to Me!
In your darkness I have been there, watching over you.
Always loving; always waiting; watching over you!

What the enemy has taken, child, I will restore,
And all you've seen that He has taken, I have so much more!
You can know Me deeper,
Much more intimately!
You have only touched the surface of all you are to be!
In your darkness I have been there, watching over you.
Always loving; always waiting; watching over You!


Received by Dennis Jernigan on March 23, 1995
(©1995) Shepherd's Heart Music, Inc.
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