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MP3: I Believe


Song History:

Genesis 15:6; 2 Timothy 1:12

July 28, 1999

Yet another song given specifically for the youth of Muskogee, OK, this song dropped into my heart as I thought about the youth being able to praise God and bless others through a statement of what we believe about God.  To believe – to walk in faith – regardless of our circumstances requires an understanding of what our God is like.  In simple terms, He is all-powerful, ever-present, and all-knowing.  And I can trust Him.  Even if I had never seen His handiwork in my own life, I would be compelled to believe in Him and His love for me…but I do not hove to express my faith on that level – because I have seen His handiwork in my life.  Knowing God in an intimate way gives me the grace to boldly declare who my god is and what He has done for me!


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