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MP3: Holy Is The Lord

Song History:

February 8, 1994

Isaiah 6:3; Revelation 4:8

This song came the day before my a special gift from the Lord. I had been going through a very long period of questioning all that I believe about God, and why I believed what I believed. Because of various circumstances, I found it necessary to decide for myself what God's Word truly says about Him. For me, this includes worship and praise. Why do I worship? Why do I praise? Why do I lift up my voice? Why do I bow down? Why do I stand before Him? Why does my heart love to sing? In other words, I no longer want to do all the right things just because somone else has told me I should. I have a need for a real who is intimate and present in my reality. I also wanted to express the fact that my holiness is not derived from my performance, but rather is derived from the fact that Jesus is my righteousness. We are all like sheep. For us to base our holiness on a comparison with other sheep will always drive us to perform for our holiness. But when the snow of God's holiness begins to fall around us, the "dirtiness" of even the whitest sheep becomes evident. I am holy and righteous only because He is holy and righteous in me and for me. This song is a very simple, yet profound statement of faith for me.

Received by Dennis Jernigan on (February 8, 1994)

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