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MP3: Yeshua

Song History:

Psalm 18:2; Romans 1:16

May 8-9, 2007

The origins of this song are simply amazing – and hilarious. My friend, Dean, joked to me one day about being a songwriter. Soon afterward he sent me some lyrics he had written several years ago that were anything but serious. While great poetically, they weren't 'necessarily' for corporate worship! As I read through them, though, the Holy Spirit seemed to be placing a melody in my heart. After I finished the demo track and sent it to Dean we realized we had a real song of hope and warfare on our hands. I asked Dean to write 'real' lyrics and this song is the result! I love worshipping with this song. Jesus is the Answer – bottom line. That's the message of this song. Yeshua is the Hebrew translation of Jesus, meaning salvation. Rock and roll for Jesus with this one and worship with reckless abandon!


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