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MP3: Holy is Your Name

Song History:

Psalm 105:3; Isaiah 5:16; Revelations 4:8

March 25, 2004

When I think about giving God the glory due His name, I often think about how limited our capacity really is in the grand scheme of things. I can get pretty loud, but when I hear the wind whistling at night or hear the roar of the waves at a beach or hear the lightning and thunder of one of our springtime storms here in Oklahoma, the level of sound I make is muffled compared to these great noisemakers. I wish I could declare His name with the volume of thunder. But since I can't, I will use all at my disposal to make his holy name known. This song was born as I meditated on declaring God's name and realizing I could never glorify Him to the degree He really deserves...but I can try!

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