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MP3: Come, King Jesus

From the Dennis Jernigan recording, Kingdom Come.

A new inspirational jewelry design by Dennis' wife, Melinda Jernigan, MP Designs Jewelry, has many significant meanings.  A Great way to share your faith. Come King Jesus ~ Swarovski Crystal Sterling Bracelet

Sterling Silver - Christ's refining power in our lives

Deep Purple Swarovski Crystals - our royal heritage in Christ

White Freshwater Pearls - The Pearl Of Great Price

Gold Dorado Swarovski Crystals - Our great worth in Christ

Three Sterling Silver charms represent the title:

  • Come (Dove) - Holy Spirit like a dove
  • King (Crown)- God on His Throne
  • Jesus (Cross) - Son of God who died and rose again for our sins

Come King Jesus Bracelet



















Song History:

Psalm 24:7; Matthew 6:33; Revelation 19:11

December 10, 2007

This is one of those songs that really did seem to write itself.  I had been meditating on what the Kingdom of God means to me and, as a result, what it would look like in me.  As I thought about these things I realized that my life has many areas where the average person would not be able to see the Kingdom of God in my life.  What this meant to me was that I needed to allow the king to rule in each of those areas, thereby giving Him His proper place as ruler over every area of my life.  Imagine what our lives would look like if Jesus truly did rule and reign over us.  He is a good King – a just King – Who enjoys His subjects.  He is a mighty King Who rules even when the world around us seems to be turning further and further away from Him.  This song is my personal invitation to the Lord to come into each area of my life and be the King of that place.  Even thought the song is new, it is already making an impact everywhere I share it.  Use it to help usher in the Kingdom of God!  After all, aren’t we supposed to seek the Kingdom first? 


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