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MP3: Your Majesty

Song History:

Psalm 93:1; Psalm 96:6; Jude 1:25

August 4, 2001

When I saw the movie trailers for the movie “The Princess Diaries”…and saw that it was actually rated “G”, I planned to take my 5 daughters to see it with me. Little did I know but this was to be a very profound moment in my life. The movie’s premise is this: the Queen of a small European nation comes to America to ask her granddaughter – the rightful heir to the throne – to come and take her place as princess. Of course, the young girl feels inadequate and very unqualified to be the princess…unworthy and incapable to rule as a royal princess. As the story unfolds, circumstances warrant the girl’s eventual realization that, even though she may not feel adequate to reign, this is ‘who she is’. Do you see where I’m going with this? The moment comes when the queen is to present her princess to the world. Did I mention that Julie Andrews plays the queen? Her very presence commanded our attention...our awe. The queen steps out into the ballroom in splendor...and slowly reaches her hand out for the princess...whom we see for the first time in her princess's gown...looking like a transformed person. In that moment, the movie soundtrack goes silent to heighten our sense of awe. The queen proudly takes the hand of the beautiful princess and promenades her  (in slow motion, of course) around the room. Tears began streaming down my cheek as I realized that this is exactly how Jesus presents us to all of heaven when we are saved. He takes our hand...cleans us up...and presents us to the hosts of heaven as royal heirs to His Kingdom...regardless of our past...regardless of who we used to think we were. Pure majesty.


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