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MP3: There is a King

Song History:

Psalm 47:2; Timothy 1:17

August 20, 2007

I’ll never forget writing this song. My son, Judah, and I had traveled to Breckenridge, Colorado to get him situated in school at Colorado Mountain College and were staying in the home of our dear friends, Mike and Carolyn Atkinson. Mike is pastor of Agape Outpost in Breck and Carolyn is a wonderful encourager in the Lord. I was apprehensive about my son being so far from home at such a young age (17 when he arrived at college) and had laid some requests for confirmation out before the Lord. As I prepared for sleep that night, I had gone to the piano and worshipped before heading for bed. It was a sweet, unencumbered time. Nothing major seemed to happen. Just peace. As I slept, the Lord must have been up to something in my mind because I woke literally singing this song! I wrote it there in bed (having as my practice keeping manuscript paper nearby) and sang it for Carolyn a few minutes later. In my heart I can hear this song being sung triumphantly all over the world. Yes, this song was one of the confirmations I needed…and many more came over the next couple of days…but this song serves to remind me of God’s goodness…and the beauty and majesty of His nature (as reflected in the awesome ‘nature’ of the Rockies.


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