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MP3: Reign, King Jesus

Song History:

Psalm 146:10; Revelation 19:11-13

January 7, 2008

Over the past few months, the Lord had been leading me to remember my calling and my first love as it relates to the Kingdom of God and to the body of Christ.  In my view, we sometimes separate the two – but the Lord never intended that separation.  We are to seek first the Kingdom of God and we are to be a living thriving relational body within that kingdom.  As we walk in a relationship of intimate worship with Him, that relationship permeates our human relationships.  As we exalt Christ in all we do and lift Him up, He draws men to Himself.  For the past 14 years, Melinda and I have been involved with the body in a place we always thought we would be for the rest of our lives, but on January 6, 2008 it became apparent to my wife and I that the body of believers we had helped found over 14 years ago was no longer the place the Lord would have us call home.  The grief I feel at leaving was helped somewhat by the truth that it was indeed the Lord calling us away…but that didn’t bring a stop to the pain.  The next day, my heart was in turmoil as I wrestled with the Lord as to whether or not I was hearing/sensing Him correctly.  As I learned to pray a long time ago, I began to pray again….”My Father in heaven, Holy and exalted is Your name.  Your Kingdom come.  Your will be done…on earth as it is in heaven.”  As I began to ask the Lord to show me what His kingdom truly looked like in my particular ‘calling away’ this song began to fill my heart.. Even when staying put where I had been for 14 years would have been a good thing, I desired God’s best and asked Him to show me what His kingdom coming in this part of my life could possibly mean.  All I can hear these days is to remind the body of Christ that Christ is king and is to be praised regardless of our situations.  The world will see and hear and know that God is on the throne when we, the believers, act like it.  My beliefs transcend my human ability to understand a God even our best theology isn’t adequate to fully explain.  He‘s so much more.  My faith transcends my human need to be understood by those around me (or to even understand everything myself!)  because man’s attempts at religious institutions aren’t adequate to fully explain a God who is unexplainable.  My hope transcends the written Word of God in the sense that, while I love the Word of God, I do not have a relationship with a book.  The Book guides me to the living, breathing, intimately indwelling Word of God – Jesus Christ!  He lives in me.  The King of the Universe lives in me!  And if He is King, I will follow wherever He leads!  In what areas do you need to see His Kingdom come?  In what areas in the life of the flock you lead do you need to see His Kingdom come?  Use this song to help remind yourself and others that there is one King and that He rules over every circumstance of life…if we will let Him.


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