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MP3: As The Deer Thirsts For The Water

A listening MP3 from the Dennis Jernigan live recording, Celebrate Living. Duet with Melinda Jernigan
Recorded live at Christ For The Nations.

Song History:

May 26, 1987

Psalm 42:1-4; John 4:7-26

I can remember times of feeling as if I would die unless I got my thirst quenched by Jesus. Have you ever felt as if you were dry spiritually, or that you had been in the desert so long that death seemed like the most refreshing answer to the dryness? It was during one of these dry times in my life that I simply cried out to God with the words written by The Sons of Korah. I didn't necessarily come out of the dry time. I just came to understand that God was with me––even in those times of pain, suffering, wondering, and wandering. Like an animal that has godne without water for days, we must see our need for Jesus Christ and seek Him as if our life depends upon it...because it does!

Received by Dennis Jernigan on (May 26, 1987)
(©1987) Shepherd's Heart Music, Inc.
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