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MP3: Delight Yourself In The Lord

A listening MP3 from the Dennis Jernigan live recording, Celebrate Living.
Recorded live at Christ For The Nations.

Song History:

July 7, 1992

Psalm 37:4; John 15:1-11

This song came during a period in my life in which all that I had stood on as a foundation––my beliefs––was beginning to crumble. Even though I did not know the full extent of all I was dealing with, I did have enough sense to keep seeking the Lord and delighting in just knowing Him. It is in focusing my eyes and desires on Him that the deepest desires of my heart really do come to pass in Him and in His time. The bottom line is still this: No matter how much delight I find in Jesus, He takes much more delight in me than I could possibly take in Him!

Received by Dennis Jernigan on (July 7, 1992)
(©1992) Shepherd's Heart Music, Inc.
• 7804 W. Fern Mountain Rd. Muskogee, OK 74401
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