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MP3: Like A Glass Here Is My Heart

A listening MP3 from the Dennis Jernigan live recording, Celebrate Living.
Recorded live at Christ For The Nations.

Song History:

March 20, 1995

Psalm 139; 1 Corinthians 13:12-13

From the time I was a little boy until I was an adult, I cannot remember having a relationship with someone I would call "a best friend." In 1981, Jesus' love changed all that. A best friend is someone you can be honest with and one you can allow to be honest with you. A best friend is someone you can trust with your failures and hurts. A best friend is someone you can trust. Period. Even though Jesus had become my Best Friend, and my wife had become my best friend, I still had no real healthy male relationships I would place on that level. I suppose that because of my past I find it difficult to trust men with my heart because I had come to expect only abuse, or that I would only be used. In 1994, I had come to yet another episode of having trust shattered. During the time of Melinda's illness with the birth of our twins, I met a man whom would one day be my pastor, Churck Angel. In one of our first conversations, I asked him if he would still love me the first time we disagreed. He quickly replied that he would not be married if he could not do that! Someone who I could be honest with. Someone who would be honest with me. Looks like a best friend. Sounds like a best friend. But could I really trust him? Over the course of the next year, I would have many opportunities to see the loyalty of this man and also to have my heart broken by such a healthy relationship––the good kind of brokenness that makes one grateful for one's friend, because that friend constantly points you to Jesus...and allows me to do the same. That is transparency. Play no games. Wear no masks. This song came as God used this relationship to paint a picture of my heart's deepest honesty and desire to know Him as my Best Friend. It came during a special Bible conference in Muskogee, led by one of my fathers in the faith, Jack Taylor, and is dedicated to my pastor, Chuck Angel.

Received by Dennis Jernigan on (March 20, 1995)
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