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MP3: Simple Is The Living

A listening MP3 from the Dennis Jernigan live recording, Celebrate Living.
Recorded live at Christ For The Nations.

Song History:

September 16, 1994

Psalm 37:16; Psalm 116:6; Matthew 5:3-12

The impetus for this song came while listening to Dudley Hall share about simply living life, as opposed to bowing to the information glut the world subscribes to. Satan's job is to distract us from keeping our eyes on Jesus. With all the technical gadgets to save us time, we generally wind up wasting quite a bit of our time playing with these toys. With the availability of all the types of entertainment and other drudgery of leisure time, we often max out our time with more things to do than we have time for. With the heartache that life invariably has, we can easily be distracted from enjoying our lives...and the very One who is the Source of our joy––Jesus Christ. When Satan comes to deceive and to distract, we need to remember to bring life back down to its lowest common denominators: Love God and love your neighbor as yourself.

Joy is born of sorrow
Healing comes through pain
Until a seed can die there is no grain

Joy would have no meaning
Without sorrow and pain
And if we knew no dryness
How could we love the rain?

For simple is the living
And simple are the wise
Who know that knowing Jesus satisfies

Simple is the living
And simple are the wise
Who simply live for knowing Jesus Christ

His worth is more than silver
More precious than pure gold
Much more than all the wealth this world could ever hold

Death gives way to living
Dryness bows to rain
Despair gives way to hope that can sustain

Joy is in the journey
With the One Who leads me home
And whether joy or sorrow
I am not alone

Received by Dennis Jernigan on (September 16, 1994)
(©1994) Shepherd's Heart Music, Inc.
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