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MP3: The Lord Is My Shepherd

A listening MP3 from the Dennis Jernigan live recording, Celebrate Living.
Recorded live at Christ For The Nations.

Song History:

March 27, 1983

Psalm 23; John 10:14

God had set me free from homosexuality in 1981. Thus began my incredible journey of getting to know Him and of finding out who I had really been created to be. I was drawn to the Psalms during that time, because I felt a close kinship to the heart of King David, the shepherd boy. During those days, it was not uncommon for me to stay up all night in anguish, as God would lead me into the wounded places of my soul and show me the green pastures and deep waters of His presence. This song came in the early morning hours around one or two. I remember singing it over and over again, because it felt so good to finally be able to quote those verses of Scripture and really understand them, and experience them in a deep and personal way with my God. At that time, I had a vision of one day singing the son with Matthew Ward. That vision from 1983 finally came to pass in October of 1995.

Received by Dennis Jernigan on (March 27, 1983)

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