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MP3: We Run This Race

Song History:

Psalm 18:29; Hebrews 12:1

May 5, 2007

So much of my music and ministry was born at Western Hills Church in Oklahoma City under the pastoral care or Jerry and Debbie Wells. Several months ago I had received word that Debbie was battling cancer. I had written If I Could Sit With You Awhile for her father-in-law, Bob Burgess, under very similar circumstances. In mid April I was able to talk with Debbie and as usual it was she who encouraged me. Debbie was a deep worshipper and one of the most genuine and loving people I have ever known. At a recent time of worship I noticed someone in the congregation hands lifted, body swaying and commented that this person reminded me of my friend, Debbie – and it was Debbie! How I loved when she worshipped because I felt so blessed in every way. Her mother-in-law, Joy, called with the news that Debbie was with Jesus…and she asked me if I thought she was marching around heaven with a banner or if she was dancing. I knew she was dancing. Joy then told me Jerry (Debbie's husband) had asked it I would sing at her memorial service. This song was born after Jerry called me a day later and asked me if we could do like old times again – he had a word and asked me to meditate on it. The word – running the race - Debbie was a marathon runner. As she ran in a physical sense, she ran in a spiritual sense. She ran well and finished her race, hearing her Father say, "Well done." You should have felt and seen the response as I shared this song with the 1500+ worshippers. I ended the song and went right into All in All as every person stood to their feet in honor of God and in honor of a life well lived. Use this song. You and your congregation will be greatly blessed.


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