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MP3: It's Gonna Be Alright

Song History:

PSALM 56:3: JOHN 14:18

November 7, 2007

Notice the date this one was received. November 7, 2007. This date is the day in 1981 when the Lord delivered me from my sin. Because I spend this day in reflection each year, many songs tend to be born on this date. Mostly they are songs of worship, but this one comes from a different perspective: that of the Father. Because of my needs through the years to hear the Father sing songs of deliverance to me (Psalm 32:7) I have become somewhat attuned to listening for what He sings over certain situations.  Having 9 children has also helped me understand what the Father must feel towards us, His children, when we go through trying times. As the Lord would have it, the day I spent reflecting on God’s grace in my life this year was also a day when dear friends were facing fiery trials concerning their marriage…and a day when I was singing over one of my own children as they were going through their own fiery ordeal. As a Dad, I want to make everything all right…and I can’t always do that…but there is One who can make it all right. Because He is perfect and is utterly concerned with our best, we can rest assured that even the trials we face are going to help us draw closer to Him and heal us in some way. As I sang over these situations, this song was born. It is one of my favorites to sing in ministry now. Disregard me and hear your Father’s heart for you.


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