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MP3: No Life Too Small

Song History:

October 14-15, 1992

Psalm 16:11; Luke 12:23; John 14:6; Colossians 3:4

For Wayne and Tina Larimore and for their son, Aaron Bryce. Aaron was born prematurely and went to be with Jesus. What had broken my heart the most about Aaron's death was the fact that I had watched Wayne and Tina as they had prepared for the birth - so excited and wonder-filled at the prospect of their first child. I remembered the way I had felt when Melinda first told me that she was pregnant with our first child, Israel. The news took my breath away and joy filled my heart. How would I have felt if Israel had gone to be with Jesus? Trying to put myself in the place of the Larimores at such a great loss took me to a place of sorrow I did not enjoy, yet God used this place to show me the value He places on life. Aaron had departed this life...but He truly was in a better place with Jesus. Even though his little life had been so brief, I was left with the realization that his life was every bit as significant as mine. All I had to do was think of the grieving parents and the sense of loss they must felt to know that great value had been placed upon this precious little child. Life is a gift. Its quality not in the length or in the level of comfort we attain, but rather, in the knowledge that each one is so precious to the Creator no matter how brief or insignificant it may seem to us. This song came as a reminder that no life is insignificant to God - no matter how long or short it is lived. Every life is of the greatest value to matter how small...

Received by Dennis Jernigan on October 14-15, 1992

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