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MP3: Heavenly

This is from the original recording "No Life Too Small".

Song History:

August 10, 1994

Psalm 127:3-5; 1 John 3:1-3

My pastor, Chuck Angel, has been a constant source of encouragement and Godly passion in my life since I have known him. One of our ways God used to allow us to get to know one another was on the tennis court. During one of our tennis matches (we have a trophy the winner takes home each far I have kept the trophy a great majority of the matter what Chuck might say. I have the journal to prove it, oh pastorial one), the Holy Spirit dropped a three note melody and one word - Heavenly - into my heart. As I sang it to myself, the Lord to me this was a song for Chuck to sing over his daughter, Celeste. (Celeste has a liver disorder called Alligille Syndrome, which is physically debilitating and life-threatening she has lived with ever since she was a baby. Needless to say, her physical problems have brought Chuck and his wife Jill to the point of crying out for God's grace on a daily basis for several years now). I was so excited to get home and write down what I had heard. Father gave me the whole song and I called Chuck to tell him. It was at that time that he told me what Celeste means -Heavenly! God also told me that His desire was that I sing this song over all His girls wherever I ministered. So, when you hear the song Heavenly, you will know from whence it came. For my covenant brother, Chuck Angel, and his daughter, Celeste. The melody and first words came to me on the tennis court in Muskogee, Oklahoma while playing a set with Chuck. My vision is that this song be sung over women who need to know how much God cherishes them...and that Chuck sing it over Celeste...

Received by Dennis Jernigan on August 10, 1994

(©1994) Shepherd's Heart Music, Inc.

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