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MP3: Judah's Song

Written for Dennis Jernigan's son, Judah.

Song History:

December 11, 1992

Psalm 42:1; 1 Corinthians 13:12

Of all my children, Judah Paul is probably the most like me in temperament as well as giftings. Even from the earliest days of his life, it was obvious God had a special calling upon and purpose for his little life. As the years have gone by, we have seen how much he desires to be like me. It was in watching the little boy try to be like his father that I was driven to my knees for him. I was brought, once again, face to face with my own need and desire to be like my Father. This song is from my perspective as an earthly father desiring God's best for his son. The second verse is the Heavenly Father's desire to lead me in that walk of intimacy until I see Him face to face. As I came to see God's plan for my life, I had to lay down all I had come to know and trust. Within a year of receiving this song, I would lay down a long-term position and its comfort for yet another step in my journey toward Jesus. One of my greatest joys is in watching my son, Judah, step into greater levels of maturity. Even greater still, is the joy I feel as I get to know him in the process. Life is a journey toward knowing God...a journey of intimacy if we will submit to it. For Judah Paul Jernigan, this song was received during a time of deep soul-searching concerning my own destiny. I love you, Judah Paul.

Received by Dennis Jernigan on December 11, 1992

(©1992) Shepherd's Heart Music, Inc.

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