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MP3: Child of My Heart

Song History:

July 21, 1992

Psalm 41:1-3; John 10:14-15

Upon the occasion of my son Israel's 8th birthday, I was reminded of how far God went to rescue me...and would I do the same for my son if he was lost. When I was lost on the mountain of despair, Jesus climbed to my point of need. When I was lost in the desert of hopelessness in need of a Savior, Jesus came bringing the Living redemption and forgiveness. When I was dying in the coldness of loneliness, Jesus came with the overwhelming warmth of His ever-abiding presence upon my life. My Father did all that for me - and more. This all makes more sense to me than ever when faced with the realization that I would do whatever was necessary to save or go after one of my own. If I being a good father want to give good gifts to my son, how much more does my heavenly Father want to bless me? For Israel David Jernigan in honor of his 8th birthday. I thank You, Lord for giving me my son, Israel David, and for teaching me about Your love for me through my love for him. I love you, Israel.

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