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MP3: Precious Child of My Love

Song History:

December 14, 1992

Jeremiah 31:3; John 17:24

When I first laid eyes on Galen Marie, I was overcome by the sweetness of her presence. She instantly had my heart from the moment I first saw her. And nothing has changed in the time since then! The feeling I had (and still do) is that I have always loved her - even before I ever knew she would exist! I know this doesn't make earthly sense, but when compared to the way in which God loves us, it makes perfect sense. He loved us even before the world was created. He loved us even knowing we would betray Him in our sin. He loved us with an everlasting love even before we knew we needed that kind of love to survive! With me, there are not enough words or descriptions to convey how much I love my daughter, yet God speaks His love without a loss for words or without one little bit of wavering. His love for us is ceaseless and constant, powerful and peaceful, jealous and passionate - all at the same time...and more! For Galen Marie Jernigan. We are each God's favorite child...because He is God and He is able to love like that. Merry Christmas, Galen. I love you...


Received by Dennis Jernigan on December 14, 1992

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