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MP3: Little One

Song History:

January 26, 1995

Psalm 139:1; Philippians 3:8

Asa Robert Jernigan came 9 weeks early to this world, along with his brother, Ezra. Asa weighed in at 2 pounds, 7 ounces and was in the hospital for seven weeks. For a great deal of that time, we were unable to hold him because of his frail condition. As I had learned to listen for my Father to sing over me, I realized that the next best thing for me to do was to make a recording of me singing over his little life. The nurses gladly played the tape constantly there in the ICU and we believe God used it greatly to minister life and healing power to his little body and spirit. When you almost lose a child, you understand a little better the great value God places on each and every individual - no matter how fragile or small it may seem to us. In Asa I saw a little boy who wanted to know his father even though he had to fight for his life. I believe it was the desire to know that intimacy and communion with me and his Mom that put the fight in him. With me, the need to know my God has been the fire behind the passion in my fight for freedom. When I hear Him singing over me, I hear acceptance and fulfillment and receive strength for the next breath of life! Life is priceless - and to know God is worth the fight for life! For Asa Robert Jernigan. We almost lost you...and had to go a long time without holding we sang over you. Now I know God's heart toward me a little better...

Received by Dennis Jernigan on January 26, 1995

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