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MP3: Come And Reign In Me

Received on October 21, 2008

For many years I have been praying like this. “Lord, bring your kingdom to pass in my marriage. Bring your Kingdom to come in my ministry. Bring Your Kingdom point of view to bear in all of my life.” Jesus taught His disciples to seek first the Kingdom of God and He taught them to pray for the Kingdom to come in their lives. I believe that a Kingdom mentality is the key to triumphant living on this earth. What does that really mean? I want to live my life from God’s point of view and not my own. When I do that, I do not get so bummed out by the circumstances and disappointments of life. I am here for a fleeting breath of time in eternity. Why waste a second of that time focusing on anything but what God sees? This song was born during one of those ‘Your Kingdom come’ prayers.

…seek first his kingdom
Matthew 6:33 NIV

Your kingdom come,
Your will be done
On earth as it is in heaven.

Matthew 6:10 NIV

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