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MP3: You Are Holy

Forty Days and Forty Nights
Songs of Contemplation and Intimacy V1

Vol. I – Song Nine – Day Nine

There is none to compare with You.

Psalm 40:5b NASB


You Are Holy

Words & Music by Dennis Jernigan

Received on May 11, 2010

Psalm 40:5b

©2010 Shepherd’s Heart Music, Inc./Dennis Jernigan



How can I know you who cannot not be known

Human thoughts just come nowhere near you

There could never be another like you

There are simply none like you


You are beyond my scope, outside my comprehension

Beyond my own capacity, holy dimension

Beyond, above, and different from all things created

Since I cannot get to where you are you came to me



You broke through to my existence into my reality

Your love broke through my resistance you are holy

You broke through so I could know you

Know what is and know ­­above

I’m so grateful that I know you, you are holy

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