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MP3: The Valley

Forty Days and Forty Nights
Songs of Contemplation and Intimacy V3

Vol. III – Song Five – Day Twenty-five

Let every valley be lifted up…
Isaiah 40:4a NASB


The Valley

Words & music: Dennis Jernigan
Received…May 27, 2010
Isaiah 40:4a NASB
©Shepherd’s Heart Music, Inc./Dennis Jernigan



I’ve been up to the mountaintop

Only to have the bottom pulled out from under

And suddenly drop to the valley

Every mountain of pride I have scaled

And I have only myself to blame

And nobody else

So, Father, tear down the mountain

Turn my weeping to joy



Where I’ve been crushed

You bring healing

To all the old wounds

You bring healing

Where I’ve been confused

You bring healing

To the valley

Crushed by my pride

You bring healing

In my despair

You bring healing

My heart is laid bare

You bring healing

To the valley



On the mountain we must know

That the rain will come and go

But we cannot be sustained

Without the healing River’s flow

In the valley

Yes, the mountain gets the rain

‘While the valley gets the pain

But the life is in the valley

Where the life we lose, we gain

In the valley

In the Valley





Weeping may last for the night

But joy comes in the morning

Replacing that mourning

With gladness and laughter

Sorrows may last but I know

You use each and every sorrow for me

Replacing the sorrows

With gladness and laughter

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