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MP3: You Must Increase

Forty Days and Forty Nights
Songs of Contemplation and Intimacy V3

Vol. III – Song Six – Day Twenty-six
And every mountain and hill be made low…
Isaiah 40:4b NASB


You Must Increase

Words & music: Dennis Jernigan
Received…May 28, 2010
Isaiah 40:4b NASB
©Shepherd’s Heart Music, Inc./Dennis Jernigan



If pride is the favor of Satan

And grace the favor of God

Then I have too much favor with damnation

And business to do in my heart

If Your glory’s the aroma of heaven

And self-serving the aroma of hell

Then I have lived with the stench of purse selfish

And to kill it I must die to myself



You must increase

And I must decrease

Much more of You

And much less of me

Its all for Your glory

That I fade away

Lord, You are the Potter

And I am the clay

I am Your vessel

And You are the Way



Lord Jesus is the hope for all nations

Then, Lord, speak Your message through me

Filled with glory’s pure saturation

So consumed it’s only You that men see

Here is my pride and all my boastful agenda

Every selfish thought and vain attitude

Lord, replace them with Your grace and Your mercy

‘Til when men look at me they see You


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