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MP3: Uriah


Uriah, you're right. Your place is with them.

Uriah, you must join them again,

Uriah, my friend, bear this message for me to Joab.

Only his eyes must see.

I can't believe my mind!

But there really isn't time! I cannot bear to face disgrace!

And life is such a crime!

He carries his own death, but with it comes my rest!

And come what may, it's the only way!

Who really knows what's best?


And after all, it's battle, and anyone could die!

It really isn't murder! And even good men lie!

From battle he came with a message for me,

"King David, I bring sad news, you see.

A servant is gone. Good Uriah was killed!

In honor, yes, his blood has been spilled!"

The deed is fin'lly done! But still I want to run!

I'll give it time to ease me mind and surely peace will come!

And even though I've lied, I no longer have to hide!

And like they say, "what's done is done!'

And I still have my pride!


And now it's fin'lly over!

I must go on with my life!

And looking on the bright side:  I can take another wife!

And after all, it's battle and anyone could die!

But nothing seems to matter! Why, Lord? Why?



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