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MP3: Days of Awe

Days of Awe - Song History
Words & Music: Dennis Jernigan
Received on May 25, 2010

A voice is calling, "Clear the way for the LORD
in the wilderness;
Make smooth in the desert a highway for our God.”
Isaiah 40:3 NASB

Recently I was called of the Lord to undertake a 40
day fast. Using a book by my friend, Dean Briggs,
as a source of encouragement, I daily awoke and
sought the face of God for a song that would help
me communicate the depths of my heart. That
book – Forty Days and Forty Nights – was such a
wonderful encouragement. Just knowing someone
else had gone through what I was going through
helped spur me on to overcome the desires of my
flesh and place myself in a position to be ravished
by God’s Love. On day 23 of that fast this song was
born. What can I say? Regardless of the state of
circumstances I find myself in at any given moment,
be they stormy seas or tranquil skies, God never
changes. He is constant in times of conflict and
constant in times of peace. That makes each and
every day a DAY OF AWE. Use this song to remind
yourself of the sheer unimaginable magnitude of
God…and stand each day in awe that such a God
wants to know you intimately and only wants what is best for you!

When You touch the sky Lightning kisses the ground
When You touch the earth mercy falls all around
Those are days of mercy
Days of grace and awe
When You touch one heart and that heart is renewed
When You calm a storm and send the sun shining through
Those are days of mercy
Days of grace and awe

And I stand, stand in awe
And I declare You are my God
You are the Maker and Redeemer and the Lord of all I am
You are Love! You are my life!
You are the grace by which I stand!
In these days of fear and chaos
You are peace to broken hearts
In the darkness shine Your light and show how near You really are
You are my God!
You are my God and these are days of awe!

When I wake from sleep to find another day
When I feel the joy that comes from seeking Your face
Those are days of mercy
Days of grace and awe
When You call my name I feel the joy of Your smile
When I feel You near through every dark weary mile
Those are days of mercy
Days of grace and awe

Repeat Chorus and End

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