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MP3: Love Is Worth Living For

From the original Dennis Jernigan live recording, This Is My Destiny.

Song History:

September 21, 1995

Philippians 1:21

In September of 1995, my pastor called me and asked if I would like to see the movie "Braveheart." Thinking this would be a good opportunity for a 'guy's night out' I was simply looking forward to some good fellowship. Little did I know of what God truly had in store for me that evening. The movie is based on the life of Sir William Wallace, a man who lived in thirteenth century Scotland. This was a time of English domination of that small country. The movie describes not only the violent deaths that many men faced and faced well but also portrated the truth that living without freedom is not really living at all. Sir William simply lives his life in pursuit of freedom and in calling others to see their need for that freedom. With his dying breath his cry was "Freedom!". As I left the theater, I had to walk alone to my car which was completely on the other side of the mall. Being locked out of the mall, I could not walk through so I had to walk around the entire mall. I began to cry out to God because I was overwhelmed with tremendous loneliness. Getting in my car and beginning the 20 mile drive home I began to weep...and I did not know why...and I could not stop. I began to ask God why I was so affected by this movie. He spoke to my heart that I needed to see myself as William Wallace...that my life was just like his. I had been called to call me to their freedom...and in so doing my very life could be required to spread that freedom to others...but that my freedom was not only worth living for...but worth drying for as well. To live is to know Christ, but to die is to be free of the chains of this fleshly world, and to give me freedom to know Him even more intimately than this life allows. When I got home from the movie, I went straight to my keyboard and this song was birthed as I thought about my life and God's grace to live it well...and to one day die well...

Received by Dennis Jernigan on (September 21, 1995)

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