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MP3: Wounded Soldier

From the original Dennis Jernigan live recording, This Is My Destiny.

Song History:

November 4-5, 1997

Luke: 10:30-37

It is one thing to be wounded by the enemy. It is entirely a different matter when you have to watch someone you love walk through a woundedness. When I was attacked concerning my faith–my friend–Chuck was also wounded in the process. What made the wounding so painful was that it came from people we thought were on our side. Yet, it seemed they were working for the enemy–deliberately trying to cause us to give up in our quest to lead others to wholeness and freedom in Christ. As I sought the Lord for my own woundings, I asked Him to let me hear Him sing over my heart–and to let me hear what He was trying to sing over my friend Chuck. This song flowed from this time of intercession over the course of two cold and difficult days in November. The healing I personally received through this song was worth the fight of the attacks we had to go through to receive it.

Received by Dennis Jernigan on (November 4-5, 1997)

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