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MP3: I Run To You

Listening MP3 from Break My Heart Oh God.

Song History:

Luke 15:11-32

January 9-10, 1990

This song came as the Lord began having me share concerning my deliverance from homosexuality in 1981. When you begin to "declare what He has done" for you people receive hope and faith is released - but Satan begins to work as well. God calls us to lay down our reputation for His reputation and for His glory! The world needs to see that there is a way - but how will they see if those who were once blind don't tell about their healing? The truth is this, we have all fallen into the depravity of sin no matter how "innocent" your past may seem in comparison to mine. It is still wicked before God. The good news is that Father is waiting for us to simply run to in and day out! Bless You, Lord!

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