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MP3: Lord, Though The World Rejected Me

Listening MP3 from Break My Heart Oh God.

Song History:

I Peter 5:5-11

July 21-23, 1988

On July 13, 1988 I declared publicly for the first time that Jesus had redeemed me from homosexuality and that His life and lifestyle were available to any who owuld receive His forgiveness! From that very moment, people began to come out of the woodwork who had been hiding horrible pasts of sin and hopeless bondages - men and women who had been abused as children, men and women who had been devestated by sodomy, incest, abortion and all other manners of evil. One dear friend came to me and shared how my willingness to declare what Jesus had done for me had given her the freedom to share and be free of the memories of being raped as a young teenager - something she had kept hidden for many years. She told me that she could feel Jesus taking her on His lap and putting His arms around her and holding her and telling her that He would never reject her. The chorus of this song was born as she spoke.

Lord, though the world rejected me,

I found hope in Thee.

Lord, death was reality

'til You gave life to me.

So I'm casting all my cares on You,

Who loved me in my sin.

Humbly casting all my cares on You,

The One who took me in!


Jesus, put Your arms around me and hold me.

Song me a melody, holding me near.

Put your arms around me, and hold me.

Sing to me the words that I'm longing to hear.

"it's true! I love You!"

"it's true! I love You!"

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