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MP3: Your Love Is Too Pure

Listening MP3 from Break My Heart Oh God.

Song History:

Ephesians 3:14-21

November 12, 1987

This song came to me while we were in the midst of rebuilding the lower portion of our church building which had been gutted and damaged by an arsonist's fire. Our office space was relocated and we were forced to meet at very inconvenient times for our corporate gatherings! It was in the midst of this that I heard God say He would not force me to love Him. This of course only made me want to love Him more because of the sense of freedom this truth brings. What's more, I began to realize that my human reasoning only gets in the way of loving Him and that if I am a new creation then my truest and deepest desire is to love Him in an uncontrollable manner - the way He loves me - totally consumed in His love for me!

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