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MP3: Till The Walls Fall Down

Downloadable listening MP3s from Dennis Jernigan's recording, Giant Killer.

Song History:

Joshua 6:20; Acts 16:25-26

July 7, 1999

In my own life, there have been so many instances where it seemed my back was up against a wall and there was no other way out.  After the Lord set me free, I began to learn how to trust Him during very difficult times.  I began to see example after example in Scripture of different people who encouraged themselves in the Lord – by praising the Lord in the midst of those circumstances!  David’s own army wanted to do him bodily harm after the Israelite women and children were captured while David was leading his men elsewhere.  The Word says that David encouraged himself in the Lord!  The children of Israel were taking the promised land city by city – and Jericho seemed invincible.  Yet they praised their way around…and watched the walls fall down.  Paul and Silas - stuck in jail – chose to praise and glorify God even in the midst of their bondage…and God delivered!  Many times I have felt bound up by sin or circumstances only to choose to praise God – and have seen His deliverance each and every time!  Not always in the way or timing I would have chosen, but always delivered!  Most often, deliverance is being set free from our own mindsets – our own fear and doubt…our own wrong thinking.  The walls that block our minds are the ones we most need to have knocked down.  How do we do that?  Look to the examples from those who have gone before us.  Praise Him…no matter what!

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