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MP3: I Just Want To Worship You

Downloadable listening MP3s from Dennis Jernigan's recording, Giant Killer.

Song History:

Psalm 18:1-2; Philippians 3:8-11

July 9, 1999

This song was, once again, born as I thought about how to lead and teach the young people at New Community Church about worship and praise.  As the summer progressed, it became very obvious to me that this group of young people (and dare I say, every human being) had a very real and deep desire to know God – and to be known by Him.  As we thought about what it means to be known by the Creator of the universe, this song began to take shape.  No matter our age or background, we all have the same need.  We need to know we have a purpose and a destiny.  To have no purpose – to have no meaning in life – is sheer futility.  Our future, our hope, is in knowing Christ and in being known by Him.  This realization quite naturally leads to a response that one could only call worship in its most real sense.

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