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MP3: If I Had

Downloadable listening MP3s from Dennis Jernigan's recording, Giant Killer.

Song History:

Psalm 29:2; Psalm 96:8; Romans 12:1-2

July 27, 1999

This song came for the youth of Muskogee.  As the summer passed by, I tried to convey to the young people that God was more than worthy of our praise.  But how do you really understand that without experiencing the forgiveness and love of Almighty God?  Sin and death were what we deserved yet Christ made a way for us.  Anything we face in life, we do not face alone.  He does not leave us or forsake us!  To give Him the glory due His name – to give Him the praise He truly deserves – we will need more that we’ve got individually!  We need one another and we need eternity to come anywhere near close enough to expressing that depth of praise!  But isn’t it fun trying?  Hallelujah! 

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