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MP3: Mighty Man Of Valor

Downloadable listening MP3s from Dennis Jernigan's recording, Giant Killer.

Song History:

Judges 6:12; Ephesians 6:10-18

October 2, 1999

While preparing for a worship conference, the Lord reminded me of one of the most asked questions in my life.  “Dennis, I feel God has delivered me from a certain sin…but the battle for my mind continues and I want to give up sometimes.  What do I do?”  Immediately, I was reminded that David took up five stones when facing Goliath.  Ever wonder why five?  Goliath had four brothers.  David knew that if he messed with one, he would have to face the music of the wrath of the other brothers!  Those brothers were named Ishbi-Benob (2 Sam. 21:16), Saph (2Sam. 21:18), The Giant with 6 fingers on each hand and 6 toes on each foot (2 Sam. 21:20), and Lahmi (1 Chron. 20:5).  Just because we defeat a giant in our lives doesn’t mean our battles are over by any means.  When giants rise against us, this simply means we have something the enemy deems worth snuffing out…and that we have something worth fighting for!

The other picture God gave me to meditate on for this song was the story of Gideon.  The children of Israel had sinned and God had allowed the Midianites to ransack their land for 7 years.  All crops were devastated. Food was scarce.  One day, Gideon was down in a wine press beating out the wheat in an attempt to salvage some food before the enemy could get to it.  The picture was of a man, gripped by fear and cowering below ground in a frantic state of mind…hiding from the enemy.  Suddenly, an angel of the Lord appears in the scene and speaks down to Gideon in the wine press. “The Lord is with you, valiant warrior.”  I’m sure Gideon was saying to himself, “Valiant warrior?  Where?”  The angel was simply reminding Gideon that God was the one who determines his identity.  Just as we sometimes do not see or even feel the change God has done in our hearts, we must – by faith – believe who He says we are.

Just as David did, we must take up the stones God has placed at our disposal to dispatch the enemy.  What are some of your stones of faith?  Mine are His Word.  His Spirit.  My convenant friends.  But my favorite and most cast stones are the stones of worship and praise.  God inhabits the praises of His people.  Praise engulfs my entire being and focuses my attentions off of me and my circumstances and back on the Lord…who is the Overcomer!

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