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MP3: I Can't Live Without You

Downloadable listening MP3s from Dennis Jernigan's recording, Giant Killer.

Song History:

Psalm 27:4; Acts 20:24

September 5, 2000

I received an e-mail from a good friend telling me that he wanted me to hear about something from him rather than the rumor mill.  Long story made short: my friend had been walking in moral failure (sin) for many years and had been living 2 lives.  His letter was to inform me that he had sinned against God, his wife, his family, and the body of Christ.  He proceeded to accept responsibility for his short-comings as well as to understand the consequences of his sin had made it necessary to step down from ministry…and that he never expected to minister again.  His desire to repent and to be restored to his family and to his friends …to his God…was very evident.  The words of this song came as I thought about what such failure must feel like.  It flowed out of me as I thought about my friend’s desire to seek God no matter what…that now maybe he could understand true intimacy with God…that now he could walk not by his own strength but by God’s grace.  In so many words he was saying “Lord, I can’t live without You…”

For my friend, Michael…

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