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MP3: Let Us Rejoice

A listening MP3 from I Cry Holy.


Song History:

Psalm 9:14; Romans 5:1-2

August 1, 2006

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By the close of this summer, as most churches seem to do, our little body gone through the 'summer slump'…people away on vacation…giving down…attendance down…countenances down…me down! I decided that I would make myself rejoice in spite of the doldrums I found myself in. After all, I preach all the time that we should rejoice regardless of our circumstances. I created a simple drum pattern on my computer and began to make melody in my heart. This song was the result…along with the feeling of true joy that came to my soul and mind as I forgot why I was so down and began to fill my mind with all the reasons I had to rejoice. To focus on what I have rather than on what I don't have makes more sense…and is a whole lot healthier for me! Maybe that's why the Lord is so adamant that we rejoice!

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