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MP3: I Will Magnify

A listening MP3 from I Cry Holy.

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Song History:

Psalm 34:3; Luke 1:46

August 11 & 14, 2006


There are times in our lives (more often than we like to admit) when we feel overwhelmed and wonder why God would allow us to go through so much adversity. Often, we fall prey to the unspoken belief in Christendom that tells us that life should be easier for believers. Of course, quite the opposite is true. When we follow Christ, His enemy is enraged. Satan hates Who we stand for and Who we follow. He hates who we are as new creations! He is bound and determined to make our lives miserable. What he does not understand is grace. God uses the circumstances of life and the darts of the enemy to bring glory to His name and rain to our deserts. This song came during one of those times in my life where the onslaught seemed to be endless. My determination? God is in control and I will praise Him!

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